Custom Flooring in Goodrich, MI

Ryan Schoenherr Construction offers superior quality custom flooring in Goodrich, MI. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality for each project. We specialize in both residential and commercial flooring and have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our experienced team can create one-of-a-kind floors that harmonize perfectly with any space or décor. Our flooring options include engineered hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl plank, carpeting and so much more! Not only do we provide top notch materials but our custom designs will wow every eye that steps foot onto your new floor!

To ensure that all projects are completed correctly we offer personalized infrastructure consultations during which our team can help you determine which material will perform best for certain areas. Using state-of-the-art technology we can even show you virtual pictures on how your floors will look once installed.

At Ryan Schoenherr Construction, we believe in making our customers’ dreams a reality and go above and beyond to deliver complete satisfaction every time! So if you’re looking to upgrade your existing floor or create a truly unique masterpiece from scratch in Goodrich, MI—Ryan Schoenherr Construction is the company for you!

Location: Goodrich, MI

Call: (248) 712-1338


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